Not surprisingly, there is a lot of outright fraud in this new marketplace which has been compared to the wild west. Numbers can be deliberately mistated or made up. On the other hand, the numbers can be highly accurate and backed up by a positive analysis from a certified laboratory.  Research your product online and buy from a trusted source ...and even then, find the batch analysis report online and look at it. 

Pay special attention to checking any analysis for impurities found in the product. The hemp plant concentrates impurities it take in from the soil. Where did the cbd you're getting come from?  Is it imported hemp? from where? hopefully not China.  What was the extraction process used?  CO2 is good.  Butane can be ok or decidedly bad depending how it is filtered.  If you can't be sure your cbd product is safe, don't buy it. Get something else where you can read the lab analysis.

At some point the cost of your chosen product will become a factor, especially if you want to take a higher dose for greater effect. You need to determine how many mg of cbd you’re getting in a suggested daily dose vs how many mg of cbd you really should be taking. Is it enough?  Although the price of the product may seem great, you might not be getting enough cbd in the daily dose to do you any good.  Buying twice as much will cost twice as much.

Beyond all this, there are other practical considerations.  Is the customer service good? Is the price fair?  What are the reviewers saying?  What are the dogs saying? Arf!


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