i study cbd products as i write content for  For those people who say it doesn't work at all, maybe there's a few caveats. First, if it's oil from hemp seeds it might not work. If it's hemp that's been CO2 extracted from whole plants grown on a Colorado farm, you might experience the "entourage" effect and think it does work. If it contains over 0.3% thc it might feel like it works. If it's under 0.3% thc it may or it may not work. If you take a small daily dose, like 5-10mg cbd you might not think it works. If you take 35-100 mg cbd a day, you probably will think it works great.

I have also learned that many parents & caregivers use pot as a calming agent, a sleep aid, a stand in antidepressant, even a euphoric stand-in for caffeine. Many users are no longer trying to get blitzed, As one canna mom in an interview said, "caring for two school aged kids, requires me to stay patient, compassionate and forever on my toes". These cbd consumers are looking for products that are high in cbd and very low in thc, which in their case often means a 5% thc dose.  

Since products with 5% thc are above the legal limit of 0.3% thc that is the basis for the legal cbd market, these cbd-thc hybrid products cannot be included in an unrestricted CBDIDEAS website even though we are only providing information and do not sell any products.  We list these cbd-thc hybrid products in an age-verified section in your menu under THCSPECIALTIES.

Why include cbd products with too much thc content to be legal in this site at all?  

Well... these are cbd products, and after all we love cbd ideas. 


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