The LINKER makes it easy for you to jump around without having to manually type in the links provided on @cannapublications . If there's a  √ under WEB or FB then the @name is linked - click √ to jump between Instagram, website and Facebook pages.

For best results look at this page on your computer. FAQ and updates at bottom of page

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note: I am falling behind on the linker.  But still committed to doing it.  Give me another month to catch up lol. Any cannabis coders who can help me with my instagram sites and shopify site while staying within Instagram rules, please MSG me or email Thank you.

note: if you click √ on your mobile device and nothing happens, you can ctrl-click or 'press and copy" the underlying link and paste it in your browser and go - still a lot faster than typing the link in. As far as I know everything on the linker works properly if you are using it on a laptop or desktop computer.