For a look at some of the great instagram publications, check out our cannapublications quicklinks page - a few weeks ago I opened a @cbdideas Instagram account and started to learn the ropes, posting images daily and writing captions below. I have discovered that Instagram is a blast.  I see everyone in the cannabis community there and can quickly follow what they are up to.  The number of my cbdideas followers has quickly  blown up and is now over 500. The photo above from @massiveseeds that was one of my early posts (with permission:) had over 500 likes within 3 days. I was so relieved to see that it was as I thought - there is a tremendous interest in this type of content and people will come back several times a day just to see what's new.  Several have become friends in the real world.  Instagram is true social media, no doubt.

This isn't really a cut on Facebook.  After all - they own instagram. But their restrictions on promoting cbd make it impossible for anyone without an outside avenue to bring in new followers. They work together now.  Instagram brings people in.  I give them a link to go to the corresponding Facebook page.  Facebook provides the clickable links to take them back out to the corresponding relevant articles.  It takes an internet to make this seamless - with net neutraility.  to the 

When you're settled in, please join Instagram and follow @cbdideas @thcspecialties @dogsofcannabis and @cannabispublications and keep in touch with the daily flow of new pictures. Follow the ones that interest you over to the corresponding facebook page at /cbdideas /thcspecialties /ruffteam and /cannapublications to access the clickable links that will take you back out to the original articals that started this circle.

Thanks   David