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Thank you for supporting this site with purchases made through links in this article.

Hi! You’ve clicked on the boring affiliate disclosure link. You’ve seen them on every blog you’ve ever read, so I wonder what made you click on this one. Curious about how your purchases fund this project at no cost to you? Check it out!

Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links… So here’s the deal with that:

I really don’t like ads, but I want Wake + Bake to thrive and live forever (or at least until the EMP apocalypse). This year, I decided to take all of the ads off this site and incorporated affiliate links instead.
Then, I got my favorite cannabis gadget companies to offer up coupon codes. If you use those, I get a kickback.

Purchasing something through a link doesn’t cost you anything and using a discount code, you know… is a discount. So it’s not bad for your wallet and it’s really good for future people like you who want to know something about making edibles or using cannabis holistically that will show up here in the future.
I only review products that I’ve tested and that I like, so you’ll only ever see things on Wake + Bake that I use in my own kitchen and that I think are worth the cost. If I would buy it again if it broke or if I ate it all, then I’m excited to share it.
The gist: if you click on a link and you buy something or you use a coupon code, I get a kickback. It’s not enough to buy a yacht, but it keeps me in the kitchen cooking with cannabis.
It also allows me to continue learning about treating cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, IBS, PTSD, insomnia, and all sorts of medical issues with this magical plant so I can share that kind of information with you guys.
Ultimately, if I wouldn’t recommend it to a crabby relative on a fixed income, I don’t write about it.

I also will NEVER write a sponsored review, because I believe the pressure to please would influence my opinion.
So if you’re reading a review or if I included an affiliate link for something, it’s because it made my edibles or my life better. Period. I would never recommend something that would waste your time and money.
If you like the blog and would like to see more of it, feel free to use the links and coupon codes and if you don’t, go ahead and google the thing you want and I won’t get lickity split. It’s totally up to you.
Either way, thanks for stopping by and happy baking!