Cbd for dogs. Hype or legit?

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t your next-door neighbor hippie college student. It’s the face of someone furry and friendly: your dog.

Nevada lawmaker Tick Segerblom (D) recently proposed a bill in the state legislature that would grant access to medical marijuana for sick and ailing pets. The bill would let owners obtain the drug for their animals if their veterinarian confirmed it “may mitigate the symptoms of effects” of a medical condition that is seriously affecting the animal’s quality of life.

While this may seem like a preposterous bill that came out of the blue, medical marijuana dispensaries and advocates of alternative healing methods have been using the drug to treat animals. Many owners claim that it has changed their pet’s life for the better.

With the legalization of medical marijuana spreading to 23 states, many specialty cannabis shops are booming and trying to break into the next market. The question is: is medical grade marijuana actually good for ailing pets or just a way for a niche market to expand their business?

The good news is, these companies seem to be doing their homework and aren’t just looking to peddle a product. When we think of medical marijuana for dogs, we aren’t talking about smoking up our pooch. In fact, many of the “marijuana” products made for pets are actually made from hemp and contain little to no psychedelic effects for your dog.

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