Cbd dosing and pets

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and the associated cannabinoids can have dramatic effects on animals.  Caution should be taken when using marijuana with pets (including hemp).  The number one concern is that your pet could consume too much THC, the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis.  When exposed to too much THC, animals will become dizzy, lose bodily controls, and can become afraid and generally uncomfortable.  Rabbits are particularly sensitive to THC resulting in seizures at moderate doses.  CBD on the other hand is very well tolerated at high doses and can be used safely in most animals (Bergamaschi, et al. 2011).  CBD will reduce the negative side-effects of THC in addition to providing its well known effects on the nervous system and in treating seizures.  I was not able to find a scientific study measuring the synergistic effect of THC and CBD, but I have come across many anecdotal reports about how having some THC content seems to work better than pure CBD on its own.  It is being referred to as the “entourage effect”.  So there may be some value in finding a cannabis product that is from marijuana not hemp, but a marijuana strain that is very low in THC and high in CBD.  Pet owners who choose marijuana products over hemp should find a product that has a known ratio of CBD to THC (often reported as 1:1 or 5:1).  The higher the number the more CBD, so go for 5:1 or higher to avoid giving too much THC to your pets.  Then check out my dosing chart at the bottom of this article to insure you are providing a safe and effective dose…

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