Cannabis and pets

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As wondrous as CBD is, there is more to the Cannabis plant…obviously. There is THC, CBN, THCV, THCA, CBDA and more Cannabinoids. In California, we are lucky to have several companies making medical grade tinctures for THC, CBD, CBD:THC, THCA, and CBDA Cannabinoids. We are loyal to TreatWell Health, who not only makes tinctures for human consumption but also for animals. Alison Ettel, founder, has years of experience treating animals ranging from dogs and cats to pigs and lizards.


Besides ingestible tinctures, topically applied Cannabinoid treatment is also a great alternative. They work great for skin irritations, rashes and painful joints. For cost savings, tinctures can be applied topically as well. For topicals, SATIVAisticated recommends two brands from the same company. In California dispensaries, a patient can find Cannariginals Emu 420 Essentials which is 2:1 CBD:THC rubs and tincture. For the rest of the country, Cannariginals CBD only brand Theramu is also fantastic. The magic of both is the patented delivery of the Cannabinoids using Emu Oil as the safe transdermal carrier. For a little more info, please read about Cannabis Dog Napoleon.

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