Cannabidoid dosage

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written for people but it also applies to dogs

9)       The universal approximate dose of cannabinoids for mammals:
• 3 to 33milligrams per dosage based on weight of all mammals.
• 5 to 10 milligrams per 100 pounds of human body weight.
• 5 milligrams are the placebo threshold where cannabinoids become effective.
• 10 milligrams are the maximum required to activate the targeted receptors.

10)   Potency levels:
• Potency or milligrams of cannabinoids may not be on package labels.
• Initially follow the recommended dosage on the package.
• Experiment with small doses in 5-hour intervals.
• Increase doses gradually until the optimal approximate dose is achieved.
• Maintain dosage level when the effective level is reached.

11)   Determine the approximate window that activates receptors:
• The primary guideline is to use the patients feedback to determine a their optimal window of effectiveness.
• Dose small and work up until the approximate effective dose is achieved.
Inadequate doses do not activate targeted receptors.
• Excessive doses over stimulate and deactivates receptors that reverse benefits.
• The correct dose is the range of milligrams between these two extremes.

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