Hello.  My name is David Lawrence aka SYBOT and I'm the domain name owner and principal character in the CBDIDEAS story. If you are interested in who i am, you can see what I've been up to in recent years on my personal FB page (send me a friend request).  But that's not what CBDIDEAS is all about.  This story starts in a place and time much further back... History you might say. #cannabispioneers @dsybot

I've been promoting the benefits of marijuana and legalizing the draconian laws against it since back in the day. In 1978 I wrote and published The $100,000 Manicure - all about the Homegrown Issue.  On the cover was my photo with the theme - LEGALIZATION NOT REPRESSION.  I figured who else but a kid starting out with little to lose could speak out for legalization without trying to hide his identity. And that's what it was going to take. Just about everyone else had too much to lose with the way society was headed at that time and Reagan coming into power in California.

Well, not everyone else.  There was John Lennon and Ed Rosenthal and Tommy Chong... and all my other heros from the day, most of them musicians. Still, pot books demanding legalization were rare in 1978.  Not to mention, there was no internet yet.  Personal computers had not been invented!  I had to cut and paste the $100,000 Manicure together and used press-on type to set the text. Did you know that when I wrote this book, the penalty for growing 5 plants in Montana was a possibility of life in prison? Yikes!

I remember many funny stories from that time.  One day I found out at 5:30 am on the local news that my book was going to be on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in an article with several other pot books.  I barely had time to sneak up the street and take the newspaper off my parent's porch before they got up at 6am and read it with breakfast.  Back then no one thought legalization would happen in our lifetime.  But the word was out, the movement was growing and as we see today, it wouldn't be held down.

I sold some 45,000 copies of this early manifesto through Barnes and Noble and other bookstores and regional book jobbers and at first it looked like a promising move, but when Reagan actuallly took over, the hammer came down and marijuana repression got worse.

So, first I tried lowering my profile by cutting my photo off the cover of the book.  Then a month or so later I started giving away the last few hundred books I had left in boxes (it was sold out and I was backordered 5000 books when this adventure came to an end). On the last day - yes there was a last day - I threw my last hundred or so books in the trash bin behind my apartment and walked away with only 5 left. 

Wish I'd kept more of those pot books for today. If I want a copy now I have to google it and buy from some obscure online bookstore for $50-$100 apiece, if I can find one at all at that price.  I saw one listed for $500!  I don't think so! If there is any interest out there to see it, I should just put The $100,000 Manicure online myself as a free PDF download to set that situation straight.

To finish the story, I was walking away on the last day, down the alley, and I turned to look back and saw some dude going through my trash bin and taking out a copy of the book I had just thrown away.  He was reading it, walking down the alley in one direction as I was headed down the other. I have often wondered if I changed that guy's life - for better or worse.  And that was that - I put the pot legalization book episode to rest and moved on to other things.

Jumping to today, everything has changed in the legalization fight and I have become interested once again in writing about the state of the 'Homegrown issue', especially regarding the new CBD products for people and their dogs. Who knew dogs would start playing such a big part in this story?  

Now, forty years later, I want to fight the political powers that are still trying hard to criminalize this healing plant.  I gotta say, their argument is getting thin and it looks like their time is coming to an end. About time!

CBDIDEAS is a news and culture forum to evaluate what's happening with CBD products. Our first project undertaken with the RUFFTEAM® dog lovers community and based at cbdideas.com is to create a way to discover and compare the new cbd canine products available today. By popular demand, that initial focus on dogs has expanded back to include people who want to realize the healing benefits of CBD for themselves as well.  It's not just about dogs!

And now with the addition of THCSPECIALTIES to the website we are covering cbd products that include more than the allowable legal limit of thc in an effort to gain the added benefits of the ‘entourage effect’.  No need to be shy about a little more THC in the mix. If it contributes to a more effective medicine, then just legalize it already!

Thanks for the look, but enough about me.  Please return to CBDIDEAS by clicking on HOME in the menu.